Current Projects

Developer Internship at Catalyst IT Limited, Wellington Office

Nov 2016-present

This position involves front and back end development of the Koha Integrated Library Management System (ILMS)

My responsibilities in this role are:
  • Performing front/back end development (mainly writing Perl, as well as HTML and CSS)
  • Writing test cases to determine if developments are working as intended
  • Testing other developers code
  • Contribute to Open Source projects
  • Design and implement onboarding tools into the Koha ILMS

Learn Perl

Nov 2016-present

Both as part of my internship and in my own time I will be learning and writing Perl.

Learn Python

Nov 2016-present

In my own time I will be doing several Udemy courses to learn Python.

Third Year Bachelor of IT

Feb 2017-Nov 2017

I will be majoring in Software Development.